Wait an Hour Before…

Tossing Child in Air

…swimming.  We have all heard this, but it applies to new fathers also.

Both of our twin boys enjoyed being tossed gently into the air, just an inch beyond my fingertips.

They would squeal, with a mixture of joy and fear.

One day, without thinking (duh), I tossed my oldest into the air, immediately after bottle feeding.


You guessed it.

He spit up all over me and our treasured gold shag carpet!


Note to self: “Wait at least an hour before any activity that could interfere with digestion.”

They told me that I would make mistakes on my journey to having a PhD in Fathering (not really), but they didn’t warn me that some of my mistakes would involve self-inflicted splattering!

Tossing Child in AirChild spit up

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