What’s in a Name?

My Name is

Hello, My Name Is…

It was my first day in first grade.

The school bus stopped at the school and there was our teacher waiting to guide us to our classroom.

Once there she instructed us to find our name card and to sit at our desk.

As I looked for my name I noticed that one seat said “George Reardon”.

“Look at that!” I thought, “There is another Reardon in the class.”

I keep looking for my name, and soon there was only one empty seat left, the one for “George Reardon”.

“That is your seat, go ahead and sit down,” my teacher said.

“That is not my name,” I replied.

“According to our records, that is your name,” explained my teacher.

“Well, your records are wrong! My name is Ronnie Reardon and I am not sitting there!”

My teacher gulped and said: “Well, if I change the card to Ronnie Reardon tomorrow, will you sit there today?”

“You promise?” I asked.

“Yes, I promise,” she said, and I sat there.

When I got home that day I told my Aunt that they tried to call me George.

“Well, that is your first name, she replied. “They asked for your full name, which is George Ronald Reardon.”

I went pale! I was certain that I had been right and the teacher was wrong.

“Why didn’t you tell me that my name was George,” I demanded?

“Well, your father’s name was George and you were always called Ronnie.”

The next day my name card at my desk said Ronnie Reardon.

P.S. Note to self: When I have children they will be called by their first name so they won’t have to go through this drama!

My Name is

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