Father Mother Differences

Tree Climbing

Our sons were about six years old when I shared with them my view of the difference between a mother and a father.

No, this was not a “the birds and the bees” discussion.

We were in our back yard and I pointed to one of the tall trees beyond our chain-link fence.

“See that tree? If you start climbing it and your mother sees it she will probably tell you: ‘get down! You might hurt yourself!’

A father, on the other hand, will say, ‘climb up to the top and go out on that limb; you will be able to see the next subdivision!

I’ll be below to catch you if you slip.'”

They both appeared to understand.

Mothers focus on safety and certainty.

Fathers focus on growth and adventure.

Both are correct.

P.S. There is masculine energy and guidance, and feminine energy and guidance.

Our children need both as they figure out their own path.

Tree Climbing

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