Flat Tire Drama

Flat tire 3

“You fly jets long enough, something like this happens.” Viper in Top Gun.

You ride bikes long enough, something like this happens.

It’s a flat tire!

And I do not know how to fix it.

I go whining to the Aunt that raised me.

While she was understanding, there was no sympathy.

“Walk your bike down to the country store and have some of the old men there teach you how to fix the tire.”

Down the hill, up the next hill, down that hill and I am at the store.

I am scared to ask, but the need to get mobile again was stronger than my fear.

“Your Uncle never showed you how to fix a flat?”

“No sir, he is working at the other farm.”

I learned how to remove the tire from the bike; remove the inner tube; locate the leak; use the tool to rough up the surface around the hole; apply the glue; apply the patch; wait until dry; put the tube back in the tire (reminds me of the joke of trying to put a marshmallow in a piggy bank); inflate the tire; reinstall the tire on the bike.

The next time I had a flat – no problem.

Now I was self-sufficient – I had learned a new life-skill.

When I was older and had my first flat on my car, I was ready.

Flat tire 3

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