Mob Rule!

Apple Throwing

What do you get when you add twin boys plus two cousins, all at their grandparents, unsupervised?

Mob psychology, quadrupled!

(Boredom + Energy + Creativity)x(Lack-of-Sense) = Your Worst Nightmare

It starts with picking green apples from a nearby tree, transitions to throwing the apples at each other, then voila!, lobbing the apples at passing cars!

With practice their aim improved and one apple actually hit a passing car.

Their fun came to a screeching halt (literally), when the man, pulled into the driveway and angrily confronted their grandfather!

A promise to pay the repair bill soothed the upset motorist, but not the grandfather.

Since all the culprits are grown, let’s just say that their apple throwing came to an end.

P.S. Refer to our previous post about throwing a coke bottle over the school yard hedge and you have evidence that certain traits are transmitted in the DNA from father to sons!

Apple Throwing

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