I’m a Big Boy Now!

One of my favorite activities with my sons when they were little was play-wreslting.

I would let them push me over, pin me down, I would pretend to use all my energy to try to get up, then fall back to the floor.

Then, when I would reverse our positions, pin them down AND…

Kiss them on their bellies, give them the “raspberry” on their stomach.

They would giggle and then we would continue with them being the stronger and me the weaker.

I remember it just as if it were yesterday, when I kissed his stomach, and my oldest said, very emphatically: “NO MORE KISSING!”


That got my attention.

Guess he is no longer a baby.

Time to transition to something else more age-approapriate, like arm-wrestling.

P.S. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet – our children change every day and we have to be “tuned-in” as to what is appropriate today and see if it is time for transitions.


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