Turning Work into Play

White socks

Can work be fun?

One of my fondest memories of the sheer joy of being a child was when my Aunt “let” her daughter and me help wax the hardwood floor in her bedroom.

My cousin was about 3 and I was 6. We put on our white socks, put down some floor paste and started scooting and skating around with great glee and giggles.

We were able to run in the house! Something that normally was forbidden.

Back and forth, round and round, we worked that wax into the wood.

We had an absolute ball!

Once we were all tuckered out, my Aunt did the “heavy lifting” of filling in the spots we missed and doing the actual down-on-her-knees-hand-polishing of the floor.

We did our best to help her, but it was mostly hit or miss.

We didn’t know about child labor laws at the time, plus we didn’t care.

We were at the age where we actually wanted to help, to be allowed to do an “adult” job; we experienced it as fun.

It is a wise parent who can “be in the moment” and know that their child is ready learn a life skill through play.

White socksWaxing floor child

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