Water Boys!

All the neighbors thought I was crazy!

Who in their right mind would volunteer to take 7 boys in the back of a Subaru truck down to the swimming pool – alone!

For me it was no big deal.

1. They were so crammed into the bed of the truck there was no way there could be any mishaps.

2. Once we were at the pool, they were self-monitoring, jumping off either the low board or the high board.

3. A life guard was on duty and was watching them and the water with an eagle eye.

As for me, I stretched out on a towel and got a well-deserved nap in the warm sun.

From time to time my siesta was interrupted by my two as they were about to jump off the high board: “Dad, watch me!”

Otherwise I enjoyed stacking up the Z’s.

And my neighbors who thought I was crazy to go it alone with a herd of high-energy boys?

They enjoyed an afternoon of blissful quiet and serenity – and asked if I could do a repeat the next weekend!

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