“For” or “To”

excessive control

Are you responsible “for” your children or “to” your children? There is incredible power in these prepositions, and which one is uppermost in our minds as we guide our children makes a world of difference! If we obsess with academics and getting our child into a prestigious school, then when our child informs us the…

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Decision Making Adjustment


Decision Making Disaster! One element of the master plan for equipping our twin boys for life was to progressively increase their decision-making skills. This took a wrong turn when we let them pick out their own food at a buffet where each item was separately priced. As you can guess, their eyes were bigger than…

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Voice & Decision-making

Child in Restaurant

“Wow! You really know what you want! That has to be the best detailed order I have ever heard!” said the waitress to my youngest son recently. Flashback to when he was three years old and I insisted that he and his brother both order their own food at a fast food restaurant. “Dad, you…

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