Play – Unstructured!

Sticks & Water

Whether it is a tablet, a DVD, or the old stand-by, TV, there is nothing quite like electronic entertainment devices to suck creativity and spontaneity out of a child and turn their brain (and their butts) into mush. And there is no substitute for the great outdoors and “field acquisitions” to assemble the components for…

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Potato Play

My Uncle’s Mother had a garden besides her house. One day I was told to go and dig for potatoes. “Where?” I asked. “There.” I was told, showing me a patch of ground that looked the same as all the other ground. “How do I find the potatoes?” I asked. “Dig, they are there.” Still…

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Turning Work into Play

White socks

Can work be fun? One of my fondest memories of the sheer joy of being a child was when my Aunt “let” her daughter and me help wax the hardwood floor in her bedroom. My cousin was about 3 and I was 6. We put on our white socks, put down some floor paste and…

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