Reading the Tea Leaves


Part of being a great Father is being in synch with our child as we aim them towards their future self. This is hard because every day you wake up with a new child who has new interests. It goes from Nemo, to dinosaurs, to sharks, to fast cars (the current interest of my oldest…

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Palette Painting

Boy reading to girls

Would you look at that! My Child is Teaching! We had our twin boys attend a Montessori school when they were young. I was impressed by how the curriculum was age-dependent – they knew at what age a child would be receptive to learning a particular subject. They also taught physical skills, having them practice…

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The Dividends of Reading to Your Child

Owl Pussycat

Children who read become adults who think! Our twin boys loved to be read to and it was special one-on-one time as I would first read to one, then the other. While we had a variety of books there was a time for about a year that one book was requested night, after night, after…

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