Choices & Decisions

College Dream

It was 104 degrees, I has in the field, on a stripped down tractor, plowing; no umbrella, no cab, no air-conditioning, no radio, no TV, no GPS, just a basic tractor.

I was wearing shorts and tennis shoes, no shirt, no hat. I was melting.

It was in that moment that I chose to go to college.

“This is too hard; I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life; I want an air-conditioned job!” were my exact thoughts.

I also made decisions about what in my past would go forward with me to the future that I had chosen, and what would be left behind.

One of those decisions was my name. I had always been called Ronnie, I decided that Ronnie was going to be left behind. Going forward, I would be called Ron; it sounded more “grown-up”.

There were other choices and decisions, of course, and we’ll share those in a later post.

When the Aunt who raised me came into my room and said: “Your Uncle & I want you to know that we don’t want you to be going to college just because we want you to go to college, but because you want to go to college” I looked at her as if she were an alien.

Not go to college, I thought. That is not an option – I am out of here!

I replied: “Don’t worry. I am going because I want to.”

Dads, our teenagers will make their own choices and decisions: choices about the better future that they desire; decisions about what from their past is helpful in that better future and what from their past gets left behind.

Yes, we influence our children. Yes, we model the behavior, values and character we want them to have.

Bottom line: our children choose and decide what to integrate into the fabric of their being.

We need to be ok with that. Our goal is not to create a robot that is a “mini-me”, but an adult who is an independent thinker who is self-directed, compassionate, and who possesses self-control.

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