Teen Entrepreneur!

Querétaro Treasures

She was 18 and we were with a crowd desperate to buy her products before they were all gone.

It reminded me of a shark feeding frenzy.

As fast as she could make them, they sold!

We bought three, and the paint was still wet.

We walked around town with them in our hands, blowing on them so they would dry.

Who was this entrepreneur genius?

She was a student at an art college in Querétaro, Mexico.

She got chunks of discarded marble from a nearby quarry – for Free!

She then painted a scene on one side.

Tourists, looking for something unique, original, affordable and memorable for a souvenir, flocked to her.

This was how she was paying her way through college.

I was amazed by how she took something that had been discarded, added value to it, and charged a premium, with incredible demand.

While it has been over 10 years ago, we still have those treasures displayed proudly in our home, reminding us of the great experiences we had in Querétaro.

P.S. I wonder if she now has a factory, employing starving artists, and exporting around the world; perhaps a franchise, where one can have exclusive rights to a territory.

I wonder if her father influenced her entrepreneur spirit, and if so, how.

Querétaro Treasures

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