Resources vs. Resourcefulness

Saxaphone Street

Our oldest son played saxophone, both in high school and in college.

His aspiration was to be a high school band teacher.

While in college he came to Atlanta to go to the Fox Theater and was bringing his saxophone, complete with carrying case, with him.

As he approached the Fox he stopped across the street, opened up his case, took out his sax and started playing.

Patrons who were walking by on their way to the theater started dropping bills into his case.

After a while, richer than when he started, he gathered up his loot, stored his instrument, and proceeded into the theater, beaming all the way.

As Tony Robbins frequently states, it’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness!

P.S. As you can imagine, upon hearing this my first reaction was: “Oh, No!  My son is a street musician!” After some reflection, I was proud of his initiative and resourcefulness!

Saxaphone StreetFox Theater


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