Straighten Up!

Sam & Drew

When our oldest brought home a report card that was “less than stellar”, it prompted a letter from “above”.

Their grandfather was not only the wisest man that I knew, his ability to write was epic!

That letter was pure visual poetry!

I don’t remember all that was in that letter, but it was scorching!

Oven mitts were needed just to hold it.

The only phrase that I do remember was “you think you are so smart!”

The essence was that our oldest “needed to get with the program” and get off his butt!

In other words: “Straighten Up!

Since the love between our boys and their grandfather was so strong, that stern letter had impact, even though he was a know-it-all, bulletproof, 7-feet tall teenager.

Thanks, Sam, for your living, guiding hand with both our sons!

Sam & Drew

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