Teenagers Think – And Ponder!

Mist Rising

“What were you thinking?” is often on the mind of parents of teenagers, puzzled by the behavior and antics of their adolescents.

Mark Twain said it best: “God removes the brain of a 15 year-old and doesn’t return it until they are 25.”

The hormones (yes for boys as well as girls) flushing through their bodies, all the physical changes, create a very confusing scenario.

When my Aunt and Uncle would take their daughter to compete in night-time horse shows, I would elect to stay home and sit on the back porch.

I would listen to the crickets, frogs, katydids, and especially the whippoorwills.

I would think and think and think, trying to sort out whatever teenagers think about.

As I would be thinking the mist would rise from the field behind our house.

I would see it form just above the ground; then it would slowly, slowly, slowly inch higher and higher.

This is on a par with watching grass grow, but I enjoyed the peace, quiet and opportunity to be alone with Nature.

In many ways, Nature can be a great teacher, at any age!

Mist Rising

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