Birds & Bees

Birds & Bees

I was twelve and adolescence was kicking in.

I found a book titled “Dr. Blank Talks to Teenagers About Sex” while visiting my cousin Michael.

I devoured the book – my curiosity was high and I wanted the straight scoop on this forbidden subject.

A year passed and I turned 13.

The Aunt that raised me gave me a present, with all due decorum, pomp & circumstance.

You guessed it, the same book.

She was really mad that I had already read the book.

“They said that I should give you this book when you were 13!”

“Well, I needed that book last year!”

My Aunt Betty was sincerely attempting to do the right thing – by the book.

While books can give us guidance, tips, strategies, tactics – each child is different.

Raising a child is part science, part art and part winging it.

Especially when it comes to the birds & bees.

Birds & Bees

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