Mistakes, I’ve Had a Few



Yes, and I made a bunch.

The one that my twin boys still remember happened on a snow-less winter weekend.

It had been bitter cold for a while and we were getting cabin fever.

This particular day it was 12 below zero, wind was about 25 miles per hour, and I got the bright idea that the boys and I would take a short hike around the neighborhood.

The boy’s mother responded: “Are you crazy?!!!!”

“It will be fine.” I assured her. “I’ll bundle them up, we will walk down the creek where we will be sheltered by the wind.”

On go the parkas, gloves, jeans; I put on my thermal underwear top and bottom, and suit up.

We leave the house and walk down to the creek. Everything is going just fine. The wind can’t reach us and it is a great adventure for my 4 year olds.

Once we had walked a good distance, I decided that instead of walking back the way we came (how boring) we would walk out of the creek and walk on the exposed streets back to our house.

We had not walked very far when both boys let me know that they were in pain, big time!

It was their legs! The wind was cutting straight through their thin jeans (wind chill of -40!!!).

My mind went into hyperdrive!

Looking around I spot a house belonging to a co-worker and we make a bee-line for his door.

Imagine his surprise when he opens that door and I ask to come in and does he have some hot chocolate.

Luckily he did and my sons start thawing out.

I make a sheepish call to my wife to drive and pick us up (“I told you it was too cold!”) and we are soon back in the warmth of our home; not to venture out until the temperature got back into positive numbers and the wind died down.

The perfect father is a myth! He does not exist. As a father you will have some “oops, what was I thinking?” incidents.

Just resolve to proceed more intelligently the next time.

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